Book Review – The Art of Flowww by Randy Milanovic

The art of flowwwThe Art of Flowww by Randy Milanovic aims to help you improve engagement on your website. Randy wants to improve the rate at which your website is able to engage potential customers According to him, most of the time it’s closer to 99.5%, meaning that only one out of every 200 people will find a typical landing page to be useful.

In other words, getting people engaged on your website is hard and Randy wants to help us do it better with this book. He writes that:

The goal of this book is to help you understand what most visitors want from your website, and help you structure your pages in a way that gives it to them.

This is not a large book, it’s less than 50 pages so you won’t need to read very long to discover the ideas that Randy shares with us. He makes it clear that the book is for people interested in online lead generation.

The book has eight chapters titled:

  1. How do you generate online conversions?
  2. How they think vs. how we link
  3. Deciphering visitor intent
  4. Links for SEO and flowww
  5. The importance of quality content on flowww
  6. Structuring content to flowww
  7. Why UX is your secret conversion weapon

Following is a brief  review of each chapter. Continue reading